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Contract for transportation services

1.1. The Company Click Transfer, hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, from one Party and,   physical person or legal person, hereinafter referred to as the Customer, from other Party,
hereinafter called the Parties have concluded the present Contract  for the Provision of Passenger Transport Services,  hereinafter referred to as the Contract as follows.
1.2. This Contract is concluded in a special order: by agreement with all conditions contained in the Contract, without signing by the parties. This Contract has legal force and is equivalent to a contract signed by the parties.

2 Subject of the Contract

2.1. The subject of this Contract is the provision of a possibility for the Customer to make reservation of transportation services by using the online booking system on the Contractor's website. Transportation services that are offered to the Customer include the execution of transfers and rental of vehicles for a certain number of hours at the Customer option.
2.1.1. Transfer - a service for the transportation of passengers from the point of departure to the point of final destination. The type of vehicle, the number of passengers, the date, time, additional options (child seat or booster), as well as the route (departure and destination points) are selected by the Customer.
2.1.2. Renting a vehicle with a driver is a service to provide the Customer's transportation service for the desired time, but not less than indicated at the time of booking. The type of vehicle, the number of passengers, the date, time of departure additional options (child seat or booster), as well as the route (within one city, where the service begins) are selected by the Customer.
2.2. Booking of transportation services can be made by means of online booking system in time not less than 48 (forty-eight) hours prior to the beginning of the service
2.3. The Customer receives reliable information from the Contractor about the cost and characteristics of transportation services. The services are directly provided to the Customer by third parties, or by the Contractor's transport. The executor can be a carrier and owner of vehicle, but also can provide services for transportation services rendered by third parties, in this connection with this is not responsible for the life and health of the Customer (s) (passengers).
2.4. The Customer while booking transportation services, agrees to receive information messages from the Contractor, for the successful execution of the order, to the e-mail address and phone number (s) specified by the Customer.
2.5. The Customer agrees with the terms of the Contract by the implementation of actions to fulfill the terms of the contract, including ordering on the site and the payment of services (by paying for the services  by a bank card or in any other way offered by the Contractor on its website).


3.1. The minimum number of hours of the rental period of a car with a driver is indicated on the website the Customer should indicate the necessary information for that, such as: the city (the pont of departure of the vehicle), the type of vehicle, the exact address and the exact time of the begging of rent.
3.2. The Contractor provides services of a vehicle rent with a driver only according to this Order made by the Customer. In the case the Customer would like to extend the rent time of the vehicle to an indefinite one, the Customer should inform the Contractor, at least 24 hours before the start of the service. In this case, the Contractor needs to have information about the Payer (agency or customer) who will be responsible of the payment for additional hours of work. In case the Order has been made by the Travel agency on behalf of the direct Customer, but the payment for extra hours will be fulfilled by the Customer himself on the spot, the Travel Agency should inform the Contactor about final tariff per additional hour of rent which had been confirmed to the Customer. In case of payment of additional hours by the Travel agency, the Contractor needs a written confirmation of their obligation to pay extra hours for a certain date or for the entire rental period of the car.
3.3. Services for renting a vehicle with a driver are payable regardless of whether the customer used the service or not, the time of use of the car, the route, the car's mileage, idle time, due not through the fault of the Contractor.
3.4. Services for renting a vehicle with a driver do not apply to trips to airports, railway stations or outside the city, these trips are considered as transfers and are billed separately.
3.5. Services for renting a car with a driver are paid by bank transfer, cash payment is not possible.
3.6. If the place of start of the service for renting a vehicle with a driver is the airport or railway station, then the first hour of service is charged as a transfer, after which the service for renting a car with the driver begins.
3.7. If the place of start of the service for renting a car with a driver is a different locality from the location of the Executor, the cost of rendering services is increased by adding the cost of the transfer to this specified locality, the time for displacement of the car to the start destination of a rental services is considered as a transfer, all subsequent services are considered as a car rent with a driver.


4.1. Responsibilities of the Customer:
4.1.1. The Customer is responsible to provide the necessary and correct information on each item of the Order, which ensures the fulfillment of its obligations by the Contractor in the future.
In case the Customer provides incomplete or inaccurate information, involving the impossibility of execution of the order by the Contractor, the Contractor unilaterally reserves the right to change the cost of services, or refuse to render the service and claim compensation from the Customer for possible losses.
4.1.2. Provide the Contractor with prompt information about the destination and departure addresses, in case the destination or departure point is the hotel - indicate its name, e-mail address of the Customer and telephone number for communication.
4.1.3. To attend the meeting place with the driver at the time specified in the order. The driver's free wait time for arrival is 20 minutes after the arrival of the train, 15 minutes after arriving at the address in the city or outside, 50 minutes after landing at the airport. The maximum additional waiting time, in addition to that indicated in the voucher, is 10 minutes for the return transfer. In the absence of passengers in excess of this time, the driver has the right to leave, do not put at risk by delay to the execution of the  subsequent services.
4.1.4. In case of delay due to circumstances beyond the control of the passenger, it is necessary to contact the dispatcher at the phone number indicated in the voucher and inform about the forced delay. When contacting the dispatcher, the passenger indicates his name and surname, city and point of arrival, the reason for the delay and the estimated time of meeting with the driver. The driver, after the expiration of the above-mentioned time, communicates with the dispatch and reports that the passenger (s) did not appear, after which the dispatcher makes every effort to contact the passenger (s) and facilitate their meetings with the driver. In the absence of a call from the passengers to the dispatcher, the inability to connect the dispatch with the passengers due to a malfunction, the lack of roaming or disconnecting the passenger's phone (s), the decision of the passengers to travel independently to the destination on a bus or taxi - the amount paid to the Contactor for the transfer is not refundable.
4.1.5. In the event of damage to the Contractor's vehicle or a third party intentionally or accidentally, the Customer undertakes to reimburse the possible monetary costs necessary to eliminate damage (repair, painting or cleaning) and restore the original state of the vehicle.
4.2. Responsibilities of the Contractor:
4.2.1. Thoroughly check the received order and, if necessary, clarify the necessary details with the Customer.
4.2.2. Accurately and perfectly ensure the rendering of the service according to the application from of the Customer.
4.2.3. In case of a vehicle failure, in order to ensure the comfort of passengers, the Contractor undertakes to provide a vehicle of the same class or higher class model.
4.2.4. If the order is received from the Customer, which is an individual or a legal entity, the Contractor is responsible for execution of the order only after receiving the full payment to the Contractor's  account before the start of the first service (unless otherwise specified).
4.2.5. After filling in the necessary fields in the form of the Order, approving individual price proposals and the total cost of the order, confirming the agreement with the terms of this Contract, the Customer receives confirmation to e-mail address or to his telephone number in the form of a text message.
4.2.6. After receiving the payment to the account of the Contractor, the Customer is sent a confirmation of receipt of payment, as well as a voucher (s) (documentary confirmation of responsibility for the execution of ordered and paid services).


5.1. Rights of the Customer:
5.1.1. The reservation of transportation services confirmed by the Customer can be cancelled without penalty at least 48 hours before the start of the service; the late cancellation entails a 100% penalty for this service.
5.2. Rights of the Contractor:
5.2.1. In the case the Contractor receives a request from the Customer to provide a service with a Russian-speaking or English-speaking driver, the Contractor will endeavor to fulfill the Customer's wish, but does not guarantee this. Ignorance by the driver of the language desired by the Customer is not grounds for presenting claims to the Contractor.
5.2.2. In the event that the Client (s) are in a state of strong alcohol or drug abuse, in a state of aggression, thereby endangering the safety and health of the driver and other passengers, as well as the integrity of the vehicle, the Contractor has the right to refuse the execution of the service, or compensation to the Customer.
5.2.3. In order to qualitative execution of the order, the Contractor can make certain changes in the preparation and execution of the order, such as the replacement of the car with an equal category , the change in the route and the departure time, the Customer will be warned in advance.
5.2.4. At the meeting, before the service is performed, the Driver has the right to ask for the presentation of a passport, or other documents confirming the identity of the Client.
5.4.5. Transfer on a vehicle involves the route from one point to another on a certain route for a certain time. Therefore, does not imply any stopping or deviation from the route. The Contractor reserves the right to refuse the passenger, in response to his request, to deviate from the route or about a possible stop, avoiding to put at risk by delay to the execution of the subsequent services. In case the driver has the possibility to wait for the passenger and deviate from the route, the entire responsibility for a possible delay falls on the client, and waiting more than 10 minutes is charged as a full hour and should to be paid on the spot directly to the driver.


6.1. By choosing the options offered on the site such as: date, place of meeting with the client (the point of departure) and point of destination, the number of people, the type of vehicle, and the information necessary for the service (s), the Customer receives the cost of individual transportation services, and  all selected services in general. The Customer confirms his Order for the reservation of the selected transportation services. Confirmation of the Order is the consent of the Customer with the cost of the transport services chosen by him and with all terms and conditions of this Contract.
6.2. If the Customer is a private person or a legal entity, 100% of the prepayment is required within 7-3 working days before the date of execution of the first service. The payment is fulfilled by a credit card, or by cash at the representative offices indicated on the Contractor's website, or by transferring funds to the company's account. If the payment is not received before the service begins, the Contractor reserves the right not to execute and cancel the services booked and confirmed by the Customer. In case of receiving payment and subsequent cancellation of the reservation prior to the occurrence of penalties, the full amount paid will be refunded to the Customer.


7.1. Responsibility of the Customer:
7.1.1. The customer is responsible for compliance with all paragraphs of this Contract. In case of non-compliance with paragraphs  4.1.1., 4.1.2., 4.1.3., 4.1.4. the amount paid to the Contractor is not refundable.
7.1.2. In the event of accidental or intentional damage to the vehicle, bringing it to  inoperability state for further operation, urgent repairs or dry cleaning, and as a consequence, the financial expenses of the transportation company to restore it to the original condition, the Customer is responsible for the full recovery of the material damage to the transportation company.
7.2. Responsibility of the Contractor:
7.2.1. The Contractor is responsible for the execution of this Agreement only from the moment of receipt of full payment to the account of the Contractor's company, or in cash at the office of the representative company.
7.2.2. The Contractor reimburses the cost of the services paid to him, if the ordered and confirmed service was not performed due to his fault.
7.2.3. The Contractor is responsible for coordinating and executing the Order, but is not responsible for any possible cases, putting the life and health of passengers at risk. Such situations are regulated by insurance companies in the countries on the territory of which the corresponding insurance was issued.
The Contractor is not responsible for any losses resulting from malfunctions or interruptions in the operation of the site.


8.1. All disputes and disagreements that may arise out of or in connection with the present Contract between the Parties shall be settled by negotiation and / or forwarding of the claims and arguments by the Parties in writing by e-mail.
8.2. All claims are considered within 7 working days, starting from the date of the receipt of the claim.
8.3. If it is not possible to resolve disputes by negotiation, the Parties shall forward them to the Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce of the City of Paris.
8.4. The Service is considered as accomplished, whether after 3 (three) working days after the end of the service, the Contractor does not receive from the Customer reasonable claims in writing about the quality of the services ordered. After 3 working days, no claims for consideration are accepted.


9.1. Force majeure circumstances of an emergency nature (fire, flood, earthquake and other natural disasters, military actions, decisions and measures organized by the city government bodies, strikes, etc.), which lead to non-execution of the Contract, release the parties from the responsibility. A Party invoking such circumstances shall be obliged to inform the other Party in writing as soon as possible and, on the possible request of the other Party, to produce a document certifying the occurrence of force majeure circumstances.
9.2. Confirming the acceptance of this Contract, the Customer agrees that all personal data of the Customer, such as: name and surname, any contact phone numbers, e-mail address, as well as data of third parties for whom the Order is executed, can be used by the Contactor only for fulfillment obligations of this Contract. Receiving these data, the Contractor guarantees their confidentiality and non-disclosure.
9.3. Any information received by the Customer by e-mail or published on the site is intended for private non-commercial use. The Customer does not have the right to copy, broadcast, publish, or otherwise use the materials taken from the site for mass reproduction without the written permission of the site administration.
9.4. The parties agreed that facsimile and other documents, as well as copies of documents received via electronic means of communication, shall have legal force equal to the original. In this case, the copies of the documents received by the Party will have legal force until the originals of these documents are provided.
9.5. The contents of the Agreement may be changed or amended.

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