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How can I book a transfer?
By choosing the point of departure and destination point, time of arrival and departure, the desired type of car and the number of people, you make an order and receive a tariff to your e-mail address. Please provide us with your correct phone number we could contact you for the additional information about your order. If the price is acceptable, you confirm and proceed with a payment, and then you receive a voucher as a confirmation of the service ordered. To provide the services, we accept the order in 25 hours before the start of the services.
I can’t find the route I need, what should I do?
If you do not find the necessary departure or destination points, you can send us a request by filling order form on our web side. Please indicate your phone number and e-mail address so we could send you the offer. If the price is acceptable you confirm it and make a payment.
Are the children considered to be passengers, as the adults? Will you provide child seat?
Yes, the children's safety seats are provided for the transportation of children. Children are considered passengers as adults; the price is based on the total number of passengers. When ordering a transfer, you specify the total number of passengers and their age, and our driver will provide for a child seat or booster (depending on the child's age).
What time should I indicate when ordering transfers?
If you arrive in any city and book a transfer, you have to choose the time of your plane or train arrival indicated on your tickets. If you book a departure transfer from the hotel to the airport or train station, when choosing the final destination (airport or train station), the system calculates the pick-up time automatically: If you choose a transfer to the airport, the pick-up time will be 3 hours before departure (on the average it takes 1 hour to get to the airport and 2 hours before the beginning of the registration) If you choose a transfer to the train station pick-up time in 1.5 hours before the departure of the train (in case of possible traffic jams, you will also need time to find the right platform or buy tickets ..)
Is the final price for a person or a service?
When you enter all the necessary information and choose the number of services you receive the final tariff of the service, that is, a transfer or several services (transfers).
What type of cars do you use for your transfers? What car brands are meant by the Standard class?
Depending on your budget and expected comfort, we provide different classes of cars: Standard, Business and Luxury. Please, find below general information about possible models of cars of each category: Standard class: Transfers by Standard class cars are carried out in comfortable cars or minivans and do not guarantee a certain brand of the car. We offer you general information about possible models of each category:

Vollswagen Caravelle: The lyrical name of the car is taken from the ships on which the conquistadors were sent to conquer the oceans. A capacious and safe minivan has 8 passenger seats, noise and vibration isolation, a semi-autonomous Climatic air conditioner with the function of additional heating, a plastic and velour interior of a spacious cabin, passenger seats are equipped with built-in ashtrays, armrests, airbags and pockets. Extra-long boot, a microphone for excursions, a CD player, and a child lock are installed.
  Opel Vivaro: Comfortable minivan, maneuverable for urban conditions and featuring highly comfortable equipment, has 8 seats, on-board computer, leather or velour interior, extra-long luggage compartment, for the convenience of passengers - 4 doors, air conditioning, CD player, heated mirrors , in some models - heated seats, a microphone for excursions , safety is provided by belts and airbags.
  Renault Traffic: a stylish minibus for corporate, tourist or business trips, an analogue of passenger cars of the executive class. Teardrop headlights, a large glazing area and a radiator grille create a unique look for this car. Cozy interior with velour seats, armrests and floor mats. The car for 8 passengers has a large luggage compartment. Numerous passive safety systems provide the driver, passengers and luggage with the greatest safety. For the comfort of traveling there is air conditioning and CD player.
  Premium class: Mercedes E Class: the model itself is shorter than those of the S-class by its the technical characteristics nevertheless, the machine has all the necessary technical achievements: on-board computer, velour or leather interior, air conditioning, heated mirrors, heated seats, CD player; halogen headlights, air bag and safety belts, immobilizer, central locking. If the tourists have a large luggage we recommend ordering an additional standard model for luggage transportation. Maximum 4 passenger seats.
  Premium Minivan: Mercedes V Class: this exceptionally comfortable minivan was originally conceived as a business car, a "luxury" version for passenger transportation. A characteristic feature of these luxury minivans is the body design, the angular forms of the previous generation gave way to smoother lines, the headlights, the heat radiator grille, spectacular embossing on the hood, stretching from the bumper to the windscreen, the bright relief of the side windows - all these elements give the appearance of swiftness and solidity.

Mercedes V Class has 7 seats, comfortable leather seats, CD player, air conditioning, power windows, on-board computer, for safety of passengers - seat belts and airbags. A spacious luggage space.
  Luxury Bus: Mercedes Sprinter: comfortable and stylish bus, depending on the configuration, having from 8 to 21 seats for passengers, equipped with all the latest technical achievements: on-board computer, velour or leather interior, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, DVD, heated mirrors, heated seats , CD player, for safety of passengers the bus has halogen headlights, airbags and seat belts, an immobilizer, the central lock. The bus is equipped with a microphone for excursions.   Volkswagen Crafter - comfortable and reliable tourist bus, irreplaceable for the organization of passenger transportations on intercity lines, for excursions and meetings of delegations. Comfortable soft interior of the car creates a special sense of comfort: voluminous tourist seats with lateral support and edging (installed on the podium), deep luggage racks for hand luggage, a capacious compartment for suitcases in the "tail" of the car. The minibus has two versions - 18, 19 places. For 19 seated entrance / exit to the salon through the right sliding door, for 18 seated - through the right swing door.
  Premium VIP class: Mercedes S350: According to the experts, the S Class is a standard and a legend, they try to copy it, but for decades the car has remained itself - attractive, incredibly comfortable, safe and desirable. The length of the car is 5116 mm, width - 1899 mm. For the comfort of customers it has ventilation and heating, leg supports for passengers sitting behind, as well as options such as rear view cameras, electrically adjustable rear seats, auxiliary heater, tire pressure monitoring system, digital radio, first-aid kit. If the tourists have a large luggage we recommend ordering an additional standard model for luggage transportation. Maximum 4 passenger seats.
  Mercedes S500: extremely comfortable car equipped with the latest equipment: 14 airbags, central electronic engine locking, rear and front park system, ABS anti-lock system, rain sensor, sensors for monitoring the pressure in the wheels, headlight leveling control and much more, together guaranteeing the safety of the trip. For the comfort of passengers (maximum 4 seats) it provides CD player, navigator, stereo system, panoramic roof, wooden trim, blowback of the rear and front seats, 4-zone climate control, heated rear and front seats, leather seats. If the tourists have a large luggage we recommend ordering an additional standard model for luggage transportation.
  Mercedes S600: An updated version of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The updated S-Class received a modified front bumper, a radiator grille, a new design of wheel rims, as well as LED optics. The interior also underwent only minor cosmetic changes. Length 5226 mm, width 1871 mm. For the comfort of passengers (maximum 4 passenger seats) it provides CD player, navigator, 14 speakers, interior wood trim, blowback of the rear and front seats, climate control, heated rear and front seats, leather seats. If the tourists have a large luggage we recommend ordering an additional standard model for luggage transportation. Depending on the equipment of this or that car, some option may be absent, please specify at the time of booking. Large buses from 18 seats: KING LONG buses for 35 and 59 people: These buses are specially created for the European market with unsurpassed comfort and harmony. With an elegant European taste, they convey to you an amazing atmosphere that perfectly matches your desires and the needs of tourists. Comfortable passenger seats by Fainsa Gala, equipped with 2-point seat belts. Equipment: radio with CD, VCD, DVD, MP3, USB, SD card function, and automatic folding color 15 "LCD monitor (two) and digital TV (one) .Air conditioning, air heater and toilet are included in the list of necessary accessories.
Where does the driver meet you upon arrival to the airport?
After leaving the plane and the passport control procedure (the tourist approaches the passport control, guided by the SORTIE pointers). At the passport control desk, the border guard will check the availability of a valid visa and stamp the passport, after that it is necessary to go to the baggage claim terminal. There are several conveyor belts with a monitor above indicating the data of the flight (the time and the city). According to these data, the tourist finds his conveyor belt, and waits his luggage appears After receiving the luggage, the transfer man (driver) meets him at the entrance with a sign on which the name of the client indicated in the Latin or Russian letters. Escorted by the driver the tourist find the car, the driver helps to put the luggage and drive you to the address you indicated. In case of ordering a Russian-speaking driver, during the transfer from the airport (station) to the hotel your driver briefly provides useful information, kindly answers all the questions of tourists. Upon arrival at the hotel, the driver helps with the luggage (pulls it out of the car and, if necessary, helps to carry it to the hotel), then the driver leaves.
Where does the driver meet you upon arrival to the railway station?
When you arrive to the destination points by train, as a rule, the driver waits you holding a sign indicating your name in the head of the train (at the locomotive). Sometimes, for example, when the train arrives to Cote d'Azur (Nice, Cannes, Monaco stations), considering that the exit to the city is in the middle of the platform, the driver meets the client in the arrival hall of the station. If tourists have a lot of luggage and need help, please inform us in advance and the driver will meet them near the coach and provide for a luggage trolley (if this option is provided at this station). If the train station does not provide for a luggage trolley, the driver will help you to carry your luggage to the car; in that case you will have to pay an additional hour of work to the driver.
How long will the driver wait for the clients after the arrival of the flight?
Waiting time of the driver from the moment of landing of the aircraft is 1 hour, while waiting more than this time - an additional hour is paid by the client on the spot or the sending agency will take in charge these extra costs, which must be confirmed in writing. If the client has certain problems during the arrival, for example, the loss of luggage, it is necessary to contact the receiving party (dispatch) and inform about a possible delay, otherwise, in the absence of information, the driver reserves the right not to wait for clients more than an hour and the paid transfer fee will not be refundable.
What should I do if I can’t find the driver and a sign with my name after getting the baggage and passing the customs?
In case the tourist does not find a driver, he contacts by phone the receiving party (phone number is indicated on the voucher). In order to avoid such problems more promptly, please always indicate the mobile phone number of the client or a travel agent (in case the transfer is ordered by a travel agency) at the time of booking. In case, when leaving the arrival hall, the tourist does not find a driver, does not contact the host party and decides to reach the destination independently, the paid transfer is not refundable.
I do not speak foreign languages well enough, maybe I will need help while check-in at the hotel, can driver help me?
Registration at the hotel (filling in the necessary papers), translation, at the other requests of tourists is not the responsibility of the driver. If this kind of assistance is necessary for tourists, please confirm this service in advance, in this case you need a Russian-speaking driver, and an additional hour of driver's work should be paid for such service.
Departure transfer
Please provide us the information about a return transfer from the hotel to the train station or to the airport, at the time of booking. The voucher for the return/departure transfer indicates the local time of the meeting with the driver. As a rule, the meeting place is the hotel reception. Clients must be ready before the pick-up time indicated on the voucher: you need to hand over the room keys, pay for the possible additional service of the hotel: phone calls from the room, use of the minibar, room service and wait for the driver with luggage in the lobby of the hotel. For a return transfer from Paris to Roissy Charles de Gaulle or Orly Airport, departure time is calculated as follows: "departure time" - "3 hours". Question: Why 3 hours? The route to the airport from the city takes from 45 minutes to 1 hour (in case of short "traffic jams"). Upon arrival at the airport, tourists who have made purchases can apply for taxes free registration Notice: do not hand over the purchases to the luggage before taxes free registration, the customs officer has the right to ask to show the purchases). Then the flight check-in starts in 2 hours before departure. If tourists have a lot of purchases, we recommend leaving the hotel half an hour or an hour earlier (that is, 4 hours before the departure of the plane). Please inform us about it in advance at the time of booking or in 24 hours before departure. The driver stops near the desired terminal, pulls the luggage out of the car and his work is accomplished. If tourists need his additional assistance: help with luggage registration, receiving a boarding pass, translation while the luggage packing and taxes free registration: all those services that are not the driver's responsibility, please confirm and book this service in advance, the additional hour of work should be paid . After registration of taxes free and luggage, a tourist with a boarding pass goes to passport control; a customs officer puts a stamp, checks a possible presence of dangerous subjects in your luggage. After passport and customs control, tourists can visit the Duty Free store, buy a gift for friends and relatives or a couple of bottles of wine or calvados, cheese, souvenirs. Tourists are invited to board a plane .... Have a nice flight! For a return transfer to the railway station in Paris, the driver meets the clients in the lobby of the hotel in 1.5 hours before the departure of the train. When arriving at the station, tourists need to find the train departures display (DEPARTURE), which indicates the time of departure, the number of train and the way or platform. Tourists need to validate the tickets in the composter column before entering the platform. In case the tourists have electronic tickets, they do not need to validate it as the tickets will be scanned during the checking.
If I decided to leave the hotel before the appointed time, without waiting for the driver ...?
If the tourists decide to take a taxi and leave the hotel, before the meeting indicated in the voucher, the payment for an unclaimed transfer is not refundable.
If the driver is late and did not arrive 3 hours before the departure to the airport or 1.5 hours before the departure to the train station in Paris?
In case the driver is a bit late - please immediately contact the dispatcher whose number is indicated in your voucher. The dispatcher will immediately contact the driver, find out the reason for the delay, if the driver is late just for a few minutes - the agency will ask tourists not to worry and wait for him. If the reason of the delay is an accident, a car breakdown and other circumstances beyond the control of the driver and the receiving agency, the agency orders a taxi through the hotel porter, tourists pay the taxi by themselves. Upon returning home – the amount paid for the transfer will be refunded by the sending agency office, or to the credit card. Please note in the absence of clients at the agreed time for a return transfer at the hotel lobby, the driver cannot wait more than 10 minutes and after this time leaves, so please follow the agreed schedule in advance. Within 10 minutes the driver contacts the agency or the client directly (if the agency provided a phone number in advance). If neither the driver nor the agency can contact the clients, the driver takes a receipt from the hotel receptionist about his presence in time indicated in the voucher and after 10 minutes leaves. In case of impossibility to contact tourists and the absence of tourists at the agreed time and, as a consequence, the inability to provide the services, the payment for the transfer is non-refundable.
Is it possible on the way to the airport to ask the driver to stop at the store to buy souvenirs?
Individual or group transfer assumes the route Hotel - Airport (Station) or Airport (Station) - Hotel. Any deviation from a route upon the request of tourists (for example, a stop to buy souvenirs, food or drink), regardless of the length of the delay, is considered an additional hour of time. Any claims about a possible delay to the airport or train station are not accepted.
Order payment
After choosing the services you need, you get the final payment amount. You can pay in 3 ways: 1. Credit cards VISA or MASTERCARD. You will need to enter the card number, card holder name, expiration date and CVV on the back of the card. It would be advisable to have a confirmation of payment, so that you can confirm your transaction to the bank. For your convenience, we do not charge the amount from the card, but only temporarily block it. In case of full or partial cancellation more than 24 hours before the start of the service, the amount will be returned to your card within 5 banking days. 2. You can also pay in cash in our office in Moscow, located at Bolshoy Karetny Pereulok 7, Moscow +7 (495) 9783669, +7 (916) 3541809. 3. You can also transfer the required amount to our current account (for example, when paying on behalf of a legal entity).
How can I cancel the transfer without penalties?
You can cancel the transfer without penalty more than 24 hours before the start of the service indicated in your voucher - the time of arrival of the train or plane, as well as the time of the meeting with the driver for the return transfer. If the transfer is canceled less than 24 hours before the date and time of the ordered service, a penalty is charged in the amount of the full cost of the service.
How can I change my order?
In case of changing the main parameters of the order, such as: date, time of the meeting, flight or train number, contact information - please contact the dispatcher on + 33 6 06 54 84 63 (from 08.00 till 20.00.) Before calling the dispatcher, prepare the necessary information - your order number, name and surname - to avoid wasting time. After that, the agent of our company will change the order, putting maximum effort to avoid the penalties. The sooner the changes are made, the greater chance of avoiding penalties and providing of high level services. After changing the order you will receive a confirmation with the modified data to your email or sms message to your phone.
How can I cancel a booking for transport services?
If it is necessary to cancel the booked and confirmed transportation services, you need to sign in to your account and select the option "Cancel the order" - cancel the transport service, or call the dispatcher at + 33 6 06 54 84 63 (from 08.00 till 20.00.). Before calling the dispatcher please prepare the reservation number, as well as indicate your name and surname. After canceling the order you will receive a confirmation to your email address or sms message. All cancellations and changes must be made no later than 24 hours prior to the day of arrival. 100% of the total amount will be charged as penalty fees for late cancellations and modificatio

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